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ArcaSearch teams with customer to deliver the news during a snowstorm 

Many ArcaSearch clients are surprised by the breadth and depth of our company's experience and expertise -- we've worked with the ancient scrolls, historic materials dating to America's pioneer era to the modern daily newspaper. Currently, ArcaSearch provides valuable technology services to the newspaper industry: nearly 350 newspapers rely on us to provide "e-editions" to subscribers, more than 1,100 newspapers depend on ArcaSearch for Internet-based research platforms, and we partner with three statewide newspaper trade associations in a variety of business activities.
But the ArcaSearch emphasis is always on the individual customer -- such as a newspaper publisher faced with adverse weather conditions.
When the "weather outside is frightful" recently, ArcaSearch teamed with a Wisconsin Newspaper Association member to deliver the daily edition to subscribers.
A significant Jan. 17 snowstorm in southern Wisconsin closed schools early and created hazardous driving conditions. Seeing the developing problem, Jim Furley, circulation director of the Daily Jefferson County  Union, went for help to ArcaSearch, the six-year WNA business partner.  In 2005, ArcaSearch provided the technology for WNA to move its nearly 40-year-old Clipping Service into the digital age, and later was involved in establishing the association's long-term business agreements with the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Department of Public Instruction, said Executive Director Beth Bennett.  More than 40 WNA member newspapers offer a digital edition to subscribers with ArcaSearch technology, she added.
"Is it possible to get the e-edition 'turned on' free for today's paper only?" Furley asked Cal Sixta, ArcaSearch CEO, early Monday afternoon. "We are having a big snowstorm, it's drifting and we're not able to deliver all of our rural papers."
ArcaSearch "flipped the switch" in a matter of minutes.  
"I really like how we can turn this on 'free mode' during a snowstorm," a relieved Furley said later. "Our rural roads are in bad shape and we don't want the carriers injured. We just had a reporter run out the door to cover a semi-car crash. These aren't the type of roads to be driving on."
This isn't the first time ArcaSearch came to the aid of a WNA publisher caught in a serious snowstorm.  The first such event  with a WNA member occurred several years ago WNA First Vice President Pieter Graaskamp, publisher of the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, asked ArcaSearch to do the same thing when a major blizzard brought a large portion of northwest Wisconsin to a halt.