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A word-searchable archive ensures that history is alive, relevant and meaningful for ArcaSearch clients – frequently beyond their own expectations.

Many clients tell us that they didn’t anticipate how much their organization members – or alumni and students – would fully appreciate the on-line, word-searchable archive.  One of the clients we heard from is editor of The St. Paul Union Advocate, the official publication of the Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. The Advocate has been published continuously since 1897. It long has been recognized as one of the leading labor publications of its kind. 

“Prior to ArcaSearch’s work to create a digital archive of The St. Paul Union Advocate, our archives existed in only two places,” says Editor Michael Moore. “(They were) in my office and the Minnesota History Center. People who wanted to search our archives often had to come into my office while I was working, which was a negative experience both for them and me. What’s more, using the bound archive of the Advocate to do research on a specific topic was difficult. We don’t have an index of topics or a directory. Oftentimes, research required paging through old editions one at a time, hoping to stumble upon what you were looking for.”

Michael continues: “The biggest development to come out of ArcaSearch’s digital archive of the Union Advocate is that our members are getting excited about labor history, about their union’s legacy. It’s so easy to search for your name or your union local’s name – so much easier than paging through old issues, hoping to see a photo or headline you connect with. 

“And that excitement about labor history is contagious – it’s so easy to share with our friends and fellow members what you find in the digital archive. The potential is limitless, and I think we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible with the digital archive.”

To visit the archive, go to and click on “Union Advocate Digital Archive.”