The skill of ArcaSearch technicians and the precision of our technology have created an international reputation for ArcaSearch.


ArcaSearch traveled to Our Lady of Balamand Monastery and University in Tripoli, Lebanon, in the early 2000s to image ancient manuscripts gathered from the region in support of the work of the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library.  Working under challenging physical and social conditions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, ArcaSearch performed on-site digitization of nearly 50-year-old microfilm of Aramaic-language manuscripts at the Ethiopian National Archives and Library and Archives. We have completed work for the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland.

But our proudest professional achievement was to be selected by St. John’s University from among providers world-wide to digitally and faithfully preserve the intricate, hand-crafted images of The Saint John’s Bible in order to make high-quality reproduction possible in the centuries to come.  The Saint John’s Bible is the first handwritten, illuminated Bible commissioned since the advent of the printing press.


For easy access we offer our Compass Research System; an ArcaSearch hosted cloud-based application. The core technology employed in ArcaSearch’s Compass Research System has proven to be the single most cost-effective solution to historic-records management challenges faced by higher education, publishers, businesses and local governments. The Compass Research System is adapted to the specific requirements of each individual client for the secure preservation and ready access of its document archives.