For many digitization services, once the material is scanned, the project is over. For ArcaSearch, it’s just the beginning.

We’ve developed patented processes that deliver industry-leading visual and OCR results. Each page imaged will be processed by a script optimized for the collection.

To begin with the best possible ingredients, we custom-designed and fabricated our own imaging equipment. This allows greater flexibility for our "by hand" approach resulting in the most precise image capture technique available today. ArcaSearch has a well-earned reputation for handling your documents with care, a reputation for which we are understandably proud.

We show the same care with your delivered archive. You will receive three files for each page digitized: a visually-lossless master archival file, a web-ready enhanced PDF, and a JPEG preview image. Or, we can create for you any file types that best fit your needs. All files are non-proprietary and can be integrated into a retrieval system of your choosing. We deliver your digitized archive on duplicate hard drives packed in a protective case for long-term storage.